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POWERFUL MANTRA TO DESTROY A PERSON :- Destroy someone, specifically your enemy by mantra is very compelling and gives expected conclusion in short time. You are having concern from your rivals or someone who oppressor with you often to tease you. You do not have to endure it all the time. You can use some Vedic Mantra to damage that person. Destroying someone seems a little bit amateurish, but it is right when you have predicament because of someone’s behavior and his actions, then you are allowed to use these dominant mantras to destroy that personal. Someone is annoy you in achieving something that you are working for, since very long time, but that person making some interference to doing not let you achieve that thing or your goal; that makes you offended and agitated because you cannot do anything to achieve. That person is your enemy and unless you destroy that person, you will not be protected either your family. Before he takes any action, you have to take a determination for the protection of that person.

HOW TO DESTROY A PERSON BY MANTRA:- Your enemies are always looking for a chance to take revenge you they are calm until they get a single chance to beat you. One of two you damage them by using someone mantra or they will eliminate you. You can perform these powerful mantras to conserve your family members and you from undesirable problems that may be created by your opposition or enemy. When we worry about our enemy or health and family, then we cannot fixate on a single task and this worry makes us ill. Our experts Baba vishwanath shastri ji have understanding of Black magic to protect anyone from Mantra or Baba vishwanath shastri Ji can help you in destroying your rivals tightly. Everybody worries about the behavior of their enemies because they aggression your happiness when you are not ready to battle with them, this is your best contingent to build a wall of Mantras that will create difficulty for your enemies and they will be devastated when they try to destroy you. Now do not late, you may contact with astrologer vishwanath shastri Ji now, then it will be their duty to assure you. Mantra is a very easy way to destroy a person or someone that have informed you about your life and do not let you do your work in truce, now you have the protection of astrologer vishwanath shastri Baba Ji who have reached to Mantra of our forefather that are very strongly committed to accredit task of destroying someone you willing.


First of all, it is preferable to take measures to get rid of it, for this, let the dry onion beard, salt mustard and garlic and burn its smoke seven times over the enemy's victim. This will solve a small problem. When sitting in the toilet, write the name of the enemy on the ground with water and stab three times with his foot while leaving. This remedy should be done only when there is no other way.

Take a peacock feather on Tuesday and take a vermillion from the Hanuman idol in the Hanuman temple and write the name of your enemy on that peacock and keep it overnight at the place of worship of your home. Let the wings flow in the water flowing next morning without taking a bath. Enemy will give up without any reason, to get rid of the annoying enemy, take seven cloves on Saturday night and take 2211 names of the enemy and flog on it. Burn the clove the next day. This measure should be done continuously on Saturdays seven.

Keep Hanuman Chalisa in the front pocket of your shirt. Regularly recite Bajrang Baran and offer Hanuman ji or Bundi in Ladoo Prasad. Write the name of your enemy on a small piece of paper, while chanting the name; continue to chant the Bhairav mantra, 'Om Xhum Xhaan Bhairai Swaha!' Again, dip the paper into a bottle of honey and stop the lid and let it dry in the Bhairav temple or Shani temple. It has to face the huge damage to the enemy.

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